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A complete overview of information about the vignette in Croatia

A vignette in Croatia is mandatory!

Are you planning to travel to Croatia in the future but don't know which vignette you will need from the end of 2024? Below, you'll find all the information you need to start your journey to Croatia.

The Croatian vignette will be required from the end of 2024 for the use of Croatian highways. Moreover, the vignette may also be valid for certain tunnels, border crossings, and even some roads in Croatia. This can be convenient for travelers visiting different parts of the country.

Currently, it is not possible to purchase a vignette for Croatia. The vignette will be available at the end of 2024.

Regulations, controls, and fines regarding a vignette in Croatia

Failure to comply with the required Croatian toll rules (and the future vignette rules) on highways can result in fines, in addition to the mandatory toll or purchase of a vignette. This enforcement is designed to ensure that all road users contribute to the maintenance of the road network.

Anyone who has not paid risks a fine of approximately €70 to €800. To avoid extra costs during your trip to Croatia, make sure you have a valid vignette before you depart.

Currently, it is not possible to purchase a vignette for Croatia. The vignette will be available at the end of 2024.

For which roads in Croatia is a vignette required?

In Croatia, it will be mandatory to use a vignette on all highways (autocesta) and some expressways (brza cesta). This vignette requirement is expected to apply to vehicles with a maximum weight of up to 3.5 tons, including passenger cars, campers, and caravans.

Not having a valid vignette can result in fines and other penalties. The vignette is intended to contribute to the funding of infrastructure and the maintenance of roads in Croatia.

Currently, it is not possible to purchase a vignette for Croatia. The vignette will be available at the end of 2024.

How long is a vignette valid in Croatia, and what should you consider?

It is not yet known which periods Croatia will adopt when the vignettes are introduced at the end of 2024. A vignette is usually valid for various periods, depending on the type of vignette you choose. For tourist vehicles, such as passenger cars, campers, and caravans, vignettes are typically available for different durations, such as 7 days, 30 days, or a year.

It is important to note that the vignette is valid from the date of purchase until the last day of the validity period. For example, if you purchase a vignette valid for 7 days and you start your trip on July 1, the vignette will be valid until July 7.

Currently, it is not possible to purchase a vignette for Croatia. The vignette will be available at the end of 2024.

Different types of vignettes in Croatia:

Since it is not yet known which periods Croatia will adopt for the vignettes, no official information can be provided.

What are the different rules per vehicle?

When Croatia makes the vignettes available at the end of 2024, it will be known which vignettes and rules will apply to different vehicles.

The prices for a vignette for Croatia

In Croatia, vehicles are currently divided into three classes: I, IA, and II. Class II is further subdivided into two subgroups. Each class has its own toll rate, so you always know exactly where you stand. Below you can see which class your vehicle belongs to. Note: if you tow a caravan or trailer, this falls under a separate class!

Vehicle categories
Class IA: motorcycles, quads, and trikes.
Class I: vehicles up to 1.90 m high and 3500 kg permissible maximum weight.
Class IIa: vehicles higher than 1.90 m with a maximum permissible weight of 3500 kg.
Class IIb: vehicles from Class I with a trailer or caravan, regardless of the height of the trailer or caravan.

When the vignettes become available at the end of 2024, you can easily select the desired vignette at, fill in the required information, and complete the payment. Once your application and payment have been received, everything will be arranged for you. You will receive the digital vignette via email shortly, ready to print. This way, you can travel to Croatia with confidence.

What are the benefits of a digital vignette or E-vignette for Croatia at

The digital vignette for Croatia offers a modern and efficient way to access Croatian roads. Unlike the traditional physical vignette, you do not need to place a sticker on your vehicle with the digital vignette, keeping your vehicle neat and intact.

Moreover, the digital vignette has the same validity period as the annual physical vignette. It is a full-fledged replacement and saves you the hassle of applying and removing stickers. The digital vignette also offers more flexibility than the classic annual vignette, as you can choose when the vignette starts.

Combining the Croatian vignette with another country?

When planning an adventurous trip through Europe, crossing various countries with toll roads, it is wise to purchase a vignette for each country!

No country accepts a universal vignette valid for multiple countries. Therefore, it is essential to check for each country individually which vignette or toll fee is required. On our website, we provide a handy overview of all available European vignettes to help you plan your trip without worries.

Why choose a digital vignette or E-vignette for Croatia?

When considering a physical vignette versus a digital vignette for Croatia, there are several important considerations based on facts.

E-vignette Croatia:

Efficiency: The e-vignette represents a modern approach to vignettes. Instead of a physical sticker, the vignette is electronically linked to the vehicle's license plate.

Convenience: The e-vignette offers the advantage of convenience. There is no physical sticker to place on the vehicle, avoiding hassle and potential damage to the vehicle.

Environmentally Friendly: The e-vignette is more environmentally friendly than the traditional physical vignette, as it does not use plastic and paper for the production of stickers.

Validity: The e-vignette has the same validity period as the physical vignette. You can choose the start date of your vignette, providing flexibility for travel plans.

Croatian vignette for the next summer vacation?

Are you looking for adventure in the mountains, relaxation on the coast, or do you want to explore the beautiful nature of Croatia? Whatever your preference, Croatia has something for everyone.

Did you know that Croatia is known for its breathtaking historical landmarks, such as the impressive Diocletian's Palace in Split? Whether you want to explore the rich history of the palace or enjoy the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea, a trip to Croatia promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Don't forget to arrange your vignette from the end of 2024 at, so you can enjoy all the beauty Croatia has to offer without any worries!