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Emissions sticker Germany

Welcome to, your reliable source for everything related to the German environmental sticker. This page is specifically designed to provide you with all the essential information about the environmental sticker in Germany, including the different types of stickers, the requirements, and how to obtain your sticker. Let's work together for a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

What is a German environmental sticker?

Environmental sticker for cars

The German environmental sticker is a necessity for vehicles that wish to access the environmental zones (Umweltzonen) in many German cities. These stickers are designed to improve air quality by keeping the most polluting vehicles out of city centres.

Environmental zones in Germany

Most cities in Germany have established environmental zones to reduce the emission of harmful substances. Vehicles without the proper environmental sticker are not allowed in these zones, contributing to a healthier urban environment.

What types of environmental stickers are there?

There are three colours of the German environmental sticker, each representing a different level of environmental protection:

  • Green Sticker: For the least polluting vehicles.
  • Yellow Sticker: For vehicles that cause more pollution than those with a green sticker, but are still allowed in some environmental zones.
  • Red Sticker: For the most polluting vehicles. Vehicles with a red sticker have very limited access.

Is the environmental sticker for Germany mandatory?

It is mandatory to have an environmental sticker on your vehicle when entering a German environmental zone. Failure to comply with this rule can result in a fine.

Fine for no environmental sticker

Not having a valid environmental sticker in an environmental zone can result in a fine of €105. It is therefore crucial to ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the correct sticker to avoid fines.

Buying an environmental sticker for Germany

Ordering a German environmental sticker online

Obtaining your German environmental sticker is simple. You can order your car's environmental sticker directly online through our website. Our process is fast, easy, and ensures that you are fully prepared for your trip to or through Germany.

Sustainable stickers

Our environmental stickers are not just a requirement for access to the environmental zones, but also represent your contribution to a more sustainable future. By purchasing your environmental stickers electronically, you do not need to waste paper.


The German environmental sticker is an essential part for driving in Germany, especially if you want to visit urban areas. By obtaining your sticker in advance, you can travel without worry and contribute to environmental protection.

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